There's nothing more important to me than attention to detail. My living space is neatly and meticulously organized. The products I use everyday from toothpaste to my mobile phone are innately chosen based on this very attention to detail that I boast in the projects I create myself. I live and work on a pixel by pixel basis. I try to "grow" my code based on the same premise.

When I'm not in front of the computer, I enjoy playing music (albeit by means of rhythm based music games but I'd love to learn an instrument sometime soon), ride my Segway around beautiful Tucson and Phoenix neighborhoods, swimming, eating at restaurants, listening to music from around the world, and catching a sci-fi matineé on my days off.

My C.V. changes all the time. Stay posted for updates!

For a summary of my academic background, work experience, relevant interests and accomplishments. Download my Curriculum Vitae!

phone +1 (408) 657-7448
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